Low Testosterone, Vegan Diet and Hypothyroid Condition

Tom O’Neil was born in Boston in a well-educated home. He went to a private high school in Westwood and graduated with very good grades. He followed his parent’s advice and went to a premedical program at Brandeis University in Waltham. Like other college students, he gained more than 20 lbs. over the two years and developed high cholesterol and migraine due to his inflammation of the blood vessels and nerves. Initially, he started taking an anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen. When the over-counter medication did not work anymore, he went to a migraine specialist in Newton-Wellesley hospital and started the medication for a migraine. The medication took away the pain but made him so tired and drowsy that he could not continue with his studies. Later he had to take a year off and worked on a Wellesley Farm for a year because he could not study anymore with a debilitating headache and depression.

While he was working in the Wellesley Farm, he had the same food as the family did. For the whole year, he had more vegetables and fruit, he did not eat many sweets, spicy food and of course he did not have chances to drink too much alcohol. Miraculously his migraine got better and he was able to go back to study after a year. He was convinced that the vegetables and fruit provided sufficient minerals and Vitamins to help him get rid of the inflammation. He gradually became vegan. He still has some milk or cheese and eggs, and later he got rid of all the animal products.

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After he graduated from Brandeis University in Waltham, he started a medical college in Tufts University in Boston. The four-year medical school is very stressful; he lost 30 lbs. with his vegan diet. Initially, he felt great, after one year of medical school, his energy level started going down, and he could barely stay awake after 10 pm. As a medical student, you are supposed to work 60 hours a week, he had not sufficient energy to work such a long hours. Furthermore, he started losing his muscles even though he tried to lift weights. His digestion became a problem; he has bloating, gas, acid reflux and sometimes diarrhea. Finally, he decided to see an acupuncturist in Needham to figure out why his energy level is so low. His acupuncturist recommended he check his testosterone level and thyroid function in Boston Medical Center.

It turned out that his testosterone level is below 300 and he developed hypothyroid condition. After his acupuncturist in Needham went through his medical history and diet, she recommends he start eating one or two eggs each day. He was told that vegan diet is good to clear up his inflammation, but the pure vegan diet requires a perfect digestive system. He is in medical school and his high-stress level compromised his digestive function, he could not absorb the vegan protein and Vitamins efficiently. He needs to eat some easily digested protein such as eggs or organic milk. Tom faithfully follows the instruction and had acupuncture treatment in Boston Acupuncture Clinic twice a week for 2 months, then once a week for another month. His energy level came back and he was able to finish his four-year medical study in Boston and found a good residency program in Boston Medical Centre.