Services & Products

We provide a range of services in traditional Chinese medicine as well as a number of products at our clinic.  For certain complex conditions that often require longterm care, we offer special packages of treatment protocols that we have developed from over two decades of clinical experience.  There are currently special packages for allergies, cancer, facial rejuvenation, infertility, and weight loss.



A technique that mobilizes local blood flow. We use glass or plastic cups and mechanical suction.

Ear needles

Small steel balls pressed into the ear using adhesive tape.  Good for quitting smoking and weight loss.

General acupuncture (Chinese style)

Insertion of sterile needles along the body.  Needles are then manipulated by hand or electrically.

Health consultation

30-min evaluation of your health based on observing your pulse, tongue and medical record.


Burning of the herb dried mugwort.  Especially effective for turning breeched babies.


Chinese herbal teas

Dr. Li Zheng’s books on acupuncture

Herbal tape (for muscle and joint pain)

Moxa sticks

Organic green tea