Acupuncture Depression

Acupuncture Can Treat Depression Effectively

Depression is a condition that affects hundreds of people and in most cases, it goes undetected and hence untreated. It becomes more and more common due to lack of physical activities and can affect the way you behave, think or act. If depression is left untreated it can affect your life in many ways. With this being said, there are a number of ways that people suffering from depression can help manage their symptoms. From the use of products like gorilla glue strain 4, taking up a hobby (to take their mind off certain things), doing regular exercises or just talking to someone, dealing with depression may not have to be something that people go through on their own.

Boston Chinese Acupuncturist found out that acupuncture can have a better effect on the depression with anxiety then SSRI. For patients with inherited depression due to the insufficient production of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphin, acupuncture can help them stay in a lowest dosage of medication and treatments such as illinois medical marijuana can be purely supplementary. Chinese medicine believes that stress, any strong emotions, depression or anxiety can cause the energy blockage in the body. That is why people sometimes suffer from pain in the shoulders, neck or upper back. To treat the root cause, acupuncture is very effective. Boston Acupuncturist combine Chinese herbs, acupuncture and lifestyle changes to smooth the energy flow and help the body produce more happy hormones such as endorphin, serotonin, GABA and dopamine without side effects.

Treatment for Depression without Side Effects

Taking medication is certainly a very good way to treat depression but these medicines can change the balance of the chemicals and metabolism. Most patients tend to gain weight or develop impotence. There are herbal alternatives for example you can buy marijuana oil some just want the cbd instead of the hallucinogenic chemical thc so look at shop cbd for the relaxing chemical in marijuana. Traditional Chinese medicines have been proven to be very effective without that side effect. Acupuncture which involves the inserting of very fine needles into certain points in the body is helpful in treating depression. By poking certain points with needles, more natural painkillers such as endorphin and serotonin in the brain are produced and released, which leads to a happy mood and improved immune function. Many people have claimed that they have experienced a lot of relief after a few sessions with Boston acupuncturists who are specialized in treating depression. One of the reason acupuncture can help people get over the depression is that acupuncture helps improves the digestion and thyroid function, so the nervous and digestive system is healthier. If you do not digest well, there will be less happy hormones in your body. That is why people who take anti-acid for a long time tend to develop a panic attack. In Boston, the cold weather and work stress make people tend to develop depression. If you want to be happy, keep a healthy weight and good energy, acupuncture, and Chinese herbs can help your depression and gain more energy.

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Acupuncture and Prescribed Drugs in Treating Depression

While reading through the testimonies that are posted on the web sites of the many acupuncturists, you will see that many people who have been suffering from anxiety or depression have been able to come out of it with the help of acupuncture. Acupuncture for depression can be combined with any drugs that may have been prescribed. The use of acupuncture to treat depression in Boston clinics is now quite common because when patients gained too much weight or develop impotence by taking medications, they will be more depressed. Please watch our video for acupuncture and depression:

Treatment Frequency Offered by Clinics

There are so many disorders that are treated with acupuncture including allergies, asthma, insomnia, arthritis, prostate problems, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and impotence. Boston Acupuncturist in Needham are good at finding the root cause for each condition and provide a specific protocol for each depressed person, thus you can have 12 treatment twice a week, then once a week for another 10 weeks, then lose weight and become happier and more motivated.

Acupuncture Depression
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Boston Chinese Acupuncturist found out that acupuncture can have a better effect for the depression with anxiety then SSRI. Boston Acupuncturist in Needham is good at finding the root cause for each condition and provide a specific protocol for each depressed person