Acupuncture in Boston

Living in the Greater Boston area, including towns such as Wellesley, Dedham, Framingham, Lexington, Newton, and many more, comes with its unique challenges during the winter months. Residents often experience cold hands and feet due to the prolonged periods spent indoors, sitting in front of a computer for more than seven hours a day, especially when outdoor activities are hampered by snow and black ice. This sedentary lifestyle can lead to issues related to blood circulation, such as neuropathy, arthritis, and back pain. In cold weather, muscles tend to become tight, increasing the risk of injury when moving incorrectly or staying in one position for extended periods, like sitting or standing. This can result in various pains, including back, knee, and neck pain. Acupuncture offers a powerful solution, providing immediate relief and preventing future problems like pinched nerves, herniated discs, hand and feet numbness, sciatica pain, and more.

Acupuncture in Greater Boston:

If you reside in Wellesley, Dedham, Framingham, Newton, Arlington, Brookline, Burlington, Canton, Concord, Dover, Lincoln, Medfield, Milton, Natick, Needham, Norwood, Quincy, Sharon, Sherborn, Wayland, Westwood, or Weston, you have convenient access to Boston Chinese Acupuncture Clinic, located at 105 Chestnut St., Needham, MA 02492. Our clinic offers ample parking, and our experienced acupuncturists have more than 30 years of clinical experience in resolving back and neck pain.

Our Expertise:

The Boston Acupuncturists at our clinic collectively possess over 60 years of clinical experience and have authored books on various acupuncture applications, including dry eye, infertility, ED, prostate problems, high cholesterol, insomnia, acid reflux, IBS, dizziness, migraine, cystitis, sleep apnea, weight gain, anxiety, and allergies. To better understand how acupuncture works and what to expect, you can read our informative books such as “Acupuncture and Eye Health,” “ED and Prostate Problems,” “Acupuncture for Longevity,” and “Acupuncture and Hormone Balance.” These resources will provide valuable insights before embarking on your acupuncture journey.

Finding the Right Acupuncture Clinic:

Rather than just searching for an “acupuncturist near me,” we recommend identifying specific health concerns such as “acupuncture for dry eye,” “acupuncture for back pain,” “acupuncture for neck pain,” “acupuncture for menopause,” “acupuncture for ED,” and “acupuncture for weight gain.” This focused approach will help you locate the ideal clinic in the Greater Boston area to maximize the benefits of your investment in both time and money.

Transforming Your Lifestyle:

After undergoing 12 to 24 acupuncture treatments, you can enjoy a healthier, happier life. For example, if you aim to quit smoking, breaking this habit can be particularly challenging. Attempting to do so from the comfort of your home can create stress for your brain, even though it’s a positive change for your body. Boston acupuncturists can help reduce stress hormones, curbing food and cigarette cravings and lowering your overall stress levels, making it easier for you to achieve your health goals.

Feel free to reach out to us at to schedule a consultation or inquire further. We look forward to helping you lead a healthier and more balanced life this winter.

Boston Acupuncture Case Study

Mr. Liang was born in Boston, MA. He was an extremely talented child and good at math. He is also very handsome. His father works for a Coca-Cola company and brought home many cases of free Coca-Cola. He started drinking Coca-Cola at the age of 7 and became addicted to it.

With his talents and hard work, he was admitted to Harvard University in Boston as an engineer major. He studied very hard during his college years; Coca-Cola helped him stay up very late to study. He slowly started gaining a lot of weight in his abdominal areas and he had less and less energy to do physical exercises, thus he needed more energy drinks, to help him study for his Harvard University degree. He also noticed that his body started having rashes sometimes with an itchy sensation. His first endocrinologist at Newton Wellesley Hospital ran some tests and found out his testosterone and cortisol levels were very low at his age. He has very low sexual drive and developed depression. Later an MRI at Boston Medical Center showed he had a nodule in his pituitary gland, which may influence his production of thyroid hormones, cortisone, and testosterone. He was put on cortisol by the second endocrinologist in Boston Medical Center for over 10 years. His blood sugar started going up and so did his belly size. His endocrinologist in Boston Medical Center simply told him you have too much stress, which may contribute to your dysfunction of the pituitary function because his later MRI showed that the nodule was gone, but his thyroid hormone, cortisol, testosterone were still very low, for a young college student. The consumption of cortisone intensified his cravings for soda and sweets, leading to a rapid acceleration in weight gain. He didn’t eat much, but most of his weight was centered around his belly. He was diagnosed with fatty liver after he graduated from Harvard University in Boston and his A1C started going up. He went to another endocrinologist at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston after he found a job in downtown Boston. The new endocrinologist stopped his cortisone and did many tests for his hormone profile. His conclusion is that Mr. Liang has a dysfunction of the pituitary gland, which causes his thyroid, adrenal gland, and testicles to produce very little thyroid hormone, cortisol, and testosterone.

Mr. Liang started a testosterone injection three times for his low testosterone, he also started a diuretic to reduce the swelling in his leg. He worked so hard that he had been sitting in front of a computer for over 8 hours each day, which made him drink more Coca-Cola. One day he was at work and suddenly fainted and was rushed to the ER at Boston Medical Center. He was told his lung and his abdominal cavity had accumulated some water. His PCP in Newton Wellesley Hospital ran many tests to figure out what caused his fainting episode and did not have a clear answer. He was told he had liver cirrhosis due to his fatty liver and his liver function was still normal. His testosterone level was still very low, even though he was having testosterone injections three times a week. He is a calm and hard-working individual. With his medical condition, he continues to work in his company. Nobody told him that the fructose in his soft drink could lead to fatty liver and inflammation in his brain, his blood vessels, and his endocrine system. He finally decided to see an acupuncturist in Needham to find out what could help him change his metabolism, lose weight, and improve his ED.

At the age of forty, he and his wife bought a beautiful house in Dover and were ready to start a family by having a child to complete their home. He went to an infertility clinic to get all the tests, his sperm count is close to zero even though he has testosterone injections three times a week. He has a very low sexual drive. His reproductive endocrinologist recommended to him, to have surgery to extract some sperm so his wife can have IVF to get pregnant. A Chinese friend has been watching his lifestyle and recommends he go to Boston Chinese Acupuncture clinic to help him change his diet and other habits. He started acupuncture treatment once a week and walking the dog every day. After a year of acupuncture and lifestyle changes, he’s lost over 100lbs, his fatty liver is gone and his cortisol and testosterone levels went back to normal levels. He and his wife are ready to start IVF in Boston IVF.

In this case, drinking soda with high level of fructose causes inflammation in his pituitary gland, thyroid, and other glands. The master gland, the pituitary gland controls the adrenal gland, thyroid gland, and testes. His low level of thyroid hormones, cortisol, and testosterone leads to slow metabolism and fat accumulation in his belly. He needs to change his diet completely in order to stop fat accumulation. More fat tissues can store more estrogen. He started drinking green tea a few months ago, and his craving for soda is reducing dramatically.

After a year of acupuncture treatment at Boston Chinese Acupuncture Clinic, his A1C has become normal and his ED is gone. The most important thing is that he has more energy and his working efficiency is increasing dramatically. He found another job in Natick, MA, and was promoted to the position of project manager with a higher salary.