Everything to know about Acupuncture and Neck Pain

The muscles in the neck can be involved in various strenuous activities throughout your daily routine. Poor posture is one of the primary causes of neck pain caused by leaning over the computer or workbench for too long during work hours. Acupuncture can instantaneously relive the muscle spasm to reduce the neck pain.

What causes neck pain?

The human neck is responsible for holding the entire weight of the head and is thus susceptible to conditions that curb movement and causes aches and discomfort. Some common causes of neck pain are as follows:

  • Overstraining the muscles in the neck by keeping it bent to view laptop and smartphone screens is one of the major factors that cause neck pain in the current world scenario.
  • The soft tissues in the neck are strained by injuries such as rear-end car collisions.
  • Diseases such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and meningitis can be contributors to neck pain.
  • Nerve compression can also be a factor that can cause some severe pain in the neck and weakness and numbness of the hands.
  • Old age can wear down the neck joint like any other joint in the human body, contributing to neck pain.
  • Poor circulation to the neck joint due to diabetes or Reynaud’s can cause neck pain.

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The symptoms and signs of neck pain include:

  • Pain intensifies when holding the head in a specific position for prolonged hours.
  • Another primary symptom is muscle spasm or tightness in the neck and upper shoulder areas.
  • Headache
  • Limitation of head movement
  • Tingling, numbness and weakness of the hands.
  • Poor vision and vertigo can be symptoms of neck pain

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Acupuncture – The Ancient Chinese Holistic Treatment

Used in China for almost five thousand years, acupuncture is a proven and effective treatment for a myriad of health-related conditions such as back pain, depression, insomnia, allergies and tendonitis. It helps relieve pain by relaxing muscles, inducing natural pain killer and clearing up the inflammation. Needles are inserted at certain acupuncture points, which are also regarded as pressure points. The acupuncturist aims to maintain the balance of energy in the body that ultimately contributes to an improvement in health and relief from any form of ache or discomfort.

Acupuncture Research for neck pain:

Acupuncture in Neck pain has been regarded as an effective and safe treatment that has the potential to stimulate biochemical changes in areas where the needles are inserted as well as the entire central nervous system. According to research conducted by Spine Universe (https://www.spineuniverse.com/conditions/neck-pain/what-works-relieve-neck-pain), it was found that acupuncture is more effective to treat neck pain than injections. The survey was conducted to ascertain a rank for the best neck pain treatment based on the patient’s satisfaction level. The result concluded that more people voted for acupuncture as a better alternative to treating their neck pain than surgery and other procedures because acupuncture is one of the safest treatments for neck pain considering all the nerves went through the neck and project to the brain.