Acupuncture and Glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the most common eye problems in our modern society which can lead to blindness if the optic nerves are damaged to a certain degree. The eye pressure is not the only factor that can cause nerve damage. Just like with condition, there are various methods that people can look into which can help manage the symptoms. For example, when it comes to Glaucoma, the use of cookie dough strain is something that some people try out, as it is said it can help with eye pressure, with this being a significant risk factor.

Some patients have normal eye pressure, but the fluid circulation around the eyes is not sufficient, and they can also have vision problems. The common treatments for glaucoma in serious cases are surgery, like that offered by specialist Alyssa Hoehn, or in minor cases using eye drops to control the eye pressure, but when the eye pressure goes too low, the eyes do not have enough fluids to nourish them, and dry eye and blurry vision can occur. Acupuncture can improve the circulation around the eye area instantly. If patients with glaucoma can combine their medication with acupuncture treatment once or twice a week, they can reduce the eye drop dosage and avoid dry eyes and eye surgery. Especially people, who use a computer more than 4 hours a day, they tend to develop glaucoma, macular degeneration, and dry eyes. They should have acupuncture treatment once a week and practice acupressure every day before they go to sleep. Please subscribe our YouTube channel to see how you can perform the acupressure every day.

How to use Acupressure to Relax Eye Muscles and Reduce Eye Pressure?

The acupuncture research published in the J. Chin Med. in 2016 by Dr. Yeh TY et al. indicated that Electrical acupuncture on UB61 and UB62 can lower the eye pressure in patients with glaucoma in a randomized controlled trial. 82 patients with high eye pressure were selected from the North of Taipei Ophthalmology outpatient department. They were randomly selected into the treatment group in which the TEN1s electrodes were used with direct current on the acupuncture points UB61 and UB62. The control group did not receive the electrical current. The eye pressure was taken before, immediately after, 30min after and 60 min after tens electrode treatments. The result showed that eye pressure decreased more in the group treated with electrical current on UB61 and UB62 then the control group in patients with glaucoma.

Boston Chinese acupuncturists have accumulated a lot of experience in treating glaucoma with electrical acupuncture. The Acupuncturists ask the patients to get the eye pressure measured before and after the acupuncture treatment. Patients with glaucoma were so surprised that their pressure can be normalized with once a week acupuncture treatment and their dry eye condition is improved greatly after 12 to 24 treatments once a week, then every other week to maintain the good pressure and circulation.

Read Our Case Study:

Mr. George Yang was born into a well-educated family near Boston. With hard work and connections, he got into Harvard University in Boston and graduated 40 years ago. He has become a prolific and famous writer over the past twenty years. With the advent of computers, his writing speed has become faster and faster. He published many important articles in influential newspapers in the Boston area. But his eye sight started changing around 50 years of age and his prostate became inflamed with daily consumption of alcohol. Many writers think they can get inspiration while drinking alcohol. That may be true but the alcohol not only damaged neurons and prostate, but also damaged important networks: blood vessels. Once the blood vessels and nerves were inflamed, prostate cancer, eye problems and impotence arrived one after another.

Mr. Yang, came to the Boston Chinese Acupuncture Clinic initially to help with his increased eye pressure, which was around 20 to 23. As a famous writer in the Boston area, losing his vision could be devastating to his career. The acupuncturist in Needham started using a specific protocol to relax his neck and eye muscles. After 3 months, Mr. Yang went back to a hospital in Wellesley and got his pressure checked again, surprisingly his eye pressure dropped to 17. His dry eye problem started to get better and his vision improved. After his eye pressure went down, he started having acupuncture once a week instead of twice a week. While his acupuncturist continued to treat his eye problem, he mentioned that he would like to improve his sexual function. He had had his prostate removed a few years back due to prostate cancer. After the surgery, his developed impotence. Initially he had been getting testosterone injections, later he found out that the testosterone injections made his blood pressure go up, which also might have increased his eye pressure. He finally decided to stop the testosterone injections and started getting acupuncture to improve his erectile dysfunction in the Needham Chinese Acupuncture clinic. He also cut down his alcohol to once a week instead of every day, which helped him to sleep very deeply. After a year of acupuncture treatments, the erectile dysfunction had been improved.

In 2016, Mr. Yang had cataract surgery, his eye pressure went up again to 23. He decided to buy a very expensive machine to monitor his eye pressure daily. His Needham Acupuncturist recommended that he have acupuncture twice a week for a few weeks until his eye pressure became stable. Furthermore, his acupuncturist in Needham recommended that he do acupressure every morning and night, then measure his eye pressure with his fancy machine in the morning. His eye pressure usually went up in the morning even though he had had eye drops and practiced acupressure the night before. He then meditated at the same time that he was doing his acupressure points in the morning. Whilst we advise you to speak to a doctor, like those at the Specialty Eye Institute, there were fantastic results in this instance. After half an hour, he measured his eye pressure again, it dropped from 22 to 18. If he had an acupuncture treatment, his eye pressure sometimes would drop even lower for a few days. He now practices acupressure with meditation together and has acupuncture every two weeks to maintain his vision and testosterone levels.

Acupuncture and Glaucoma
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Acupuncture and Glaucoma
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Acupuncture is an effective treatment for glaucoma. It helps you to treat eye’s optic nerve. Boston Chinese Acupuncturist has 3 decades of experience in treating patients with Glaucoma.