Acupuncture and Hormone Balance


Balance your hormones naturally with acupuncture. This expert guide offers practical advice on using acupuncture to regulate hormones and improve overall well-being. Written by a licensed acupuncturist, this book provides valuable insights into the benefits of acupuncture for hormone balance and offers a holistic approach to achieving hormonal health.



This book tries to answer the following questions:

  • Why can acupuncture relax our mind and body to alleviate stress and balance our immune function?
  • Why can acupuncture reduce the pain without causing drowsiness and addiction?
  • Why can acupuncture increase the success rate of fertility?
  • How can acupuncture help people quit smoking or alcohol?
  • Why can acupuncture promote your metabolism and suppress your appetite so you can regain your healthy body shape?
  • Why do celebrities choose acupuncture to reduce their muscle drooping and skin wrinkles?
  • How can acupuncture help depressed people regain their confidence and reduce their medication?