What are Natural Ways to Cope with Anxiety?

There are many medications you can take to control anxiety and depression by changing the activity of the nervous system and the chemicals in your brain. Most people complain that those medications can sabotage their creativity and make them gain weight. After taking these medicines, they stop worrying about small things, but they also have increased appetite because the medications can affect their metabolism and increase their stomach and intestinal movement.

These 8 natural methods below can help you cope with and lessen your anxiety-

  1. Deep Breathing: the increased concentration of the oxygen and NO can restore the balance of the nervous system. That is why people, who are practicing Qi Kong, Yoga, Tai Ji generally have less anxiety.
  2. Mindfulness: allowing our thoughts to come and go without having your body react to them as if they are real threats.
  3. Practicing Body Awareness allows us to recognize places within our body that we may be holding tension. Once aware, we can mindfully relaxing the stored body tension.
  4. Acupuncture/Acupressure can strengthen the parasympathetic nervous system (the relaxing part of the nervous system) and improve your digestion. You can sleep deeper and absorb more Vitamins and minerals to have a healthy nervous system and balanced chemicals. Acupressure and acupuncture can also help you practice mindfulness more efficiently when you first start.
  5. Herbs: Chinese herbal formulas are multi-targeting, which help you reduce the stress and improve the function of your kidney, heart, and liver. Chi Hu, Chi Shao, Zhi Ke, Zhi Gan Cao, the combination of the four herbs can unblock the energy flow and bring your energy to your heart and the body part which has a lot of tension. Some patients who eat healthily and practice mindfulness can instantly fell the relaxation 30 minutes after they drink the herbs.
  6. Exercise: walking, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Qi Kong help you balance Yin and Yang, which needs to be balanced to achieve a healthy mind and body. Intense exercise may create more anxiety because your body will release more cortisol and adrenaline.
  7. Certain foods: Olive oil, avocado, raw kale juice and lemon can help improve the function of your nervous system and provide Omega-3, vitamin B complex, and minerals so that your body can produce more relaxing hormones. To achieve a healthy and happy life, you need to keep your stress level lower, Italian and Greek consume a lot of olive oil, that is one of the reason there are many 90 years old healthy Italians and Greeks. Healthy oil can even help the kids who have epilepsy reduce or get rid of the medications.
  8. Drinking organic white ginger tea can make you relax and enjoy every single moment of the life.
  9. Singing can also help increase the oxygen and NO level instantly.

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