Acupuncture and Shingles

Ms. Liu was born in Boston and went to a private school in Weston. She studied hard and went on to Boston College with a business major. As a second-generation South American, she loves spicy food. She adds so much spicy sauce to her food that she could hardly taste the original food. She always feels hot compared to others in the same room temperature. She was told spicy food can fight inflammation, she added more and more spicy sauce during the college study. When she visits her parents in Boca Raton in the summer, she tends to sweat a lot and thought it is because of the Florida weather. She then realized that spicy food including pepper, spicy sauce, chili, and Turmeric can produce a lot of internal heat, which can make the inflammation worse in the knees, hips, blood vessels, and nervous system.

After she graduated from Boston College, she found a good job with a company located in MA, bought a house in Dover, MA. She had been busy with her new job and had food delivered during Covid-19 Pandemic with her favorite spicy sauce. She had been relatively healthy until two months ago; she suddenly developed shingles in her frontal area when she had a very high level of stress at work. She went to a hospital in Newton and got an anti-virus medication and steroid to reduce the inflammation on her forehead and left eye. The virus infection damaged the optic nerves and facial nerves and she developed red-eye and blurry vision. A few weeks after the virus infection, she started having neuropathic pain in her frontal area, which really drained her energy causing anxiety and depression. She could not sleep well and worried about her vision at the age of 35. She also noticed a coin size scar on her forehead and her left eye become so dry, that it was difficult for her to use her computer or cell phone for even half an hour. Her Mother recommended her to come to Boston Acupuncture Clinic to seek acupuncture treatment for her red dry eye and her pain.

Her acupuncturist in Needham first recommended her to stop eating spicy food or at least cut down the spicy food, alcohol, sweets, processed food, and nuts. Ms. Liu really wants to get rid of the pain from shingles and improve her dry eye and vision. She followed the instructions. During her first acupuncture treatment in Needham, she had a very strong sensation going around her body. She felt very relaxed and her pain from shingles reduced 50% with only two acupuncture treatments. Her vision becomes sharper and she has no more red eyes after four acupuncture visits to Boston Chinese Acupuncture Clinic in Needham. She was amazed by the quick results. Her acupuncturist in Needham now only needs to see her every other week and continues to use acupuncture to restore her normal nerve function and prevent dry eye. She was able to start using the computer for over 6 hours each day. In addition, her acupuncturist in Needham started treating her scar on the forehead. She does not feel hot all the time after she changed her diet. When she was relaxed, she felt slightly chilled because her energy went to her internal organs to nourish her nervous and immune function.