Acupuncture and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Mary was born in Boston and graduated from Needham High School. She loves cooking and baking and always dreamed that she would own her a bakery in Needham when she grew up. At the age of 20, she married a cheerful young man, Bill, who was working in a wine business in Westwood. They loved each other so much and always enjoyed doing things together. Mary later delivered 3 handsome boys and through the years worked in a bakery in Dover because she never went to college and did not have enough money to open her own store in the greater Boston area. The happy couple had been working so hard to raise their 3 beautiful boys that they did not take care of their own health. At the age of 58, Mary’s husband was diagnosed with lung cancer that metastasized to his bones. He completed all the chemo and radiation therapies in Boston Medical Center. Because her husband had a very positive attitude and was a good sleeper, he was cancer-free after a few months of horrible treatments. During the chemo and radiation therapies, the couple came to Boston Chinese Acupuncture clinic in Needham and had acupuncture treatment together for a few months. Bill stopped acupuncture treatment a few months later after he was told he was cancer-free by his oncologist in Boston. He then moved to Boca Raton and spent time with his 85-year-old mother enjoying the warm weather.

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May returned to Boston Chinese acupuncture clinic 3 years later with rheumatoid arthritis and sadly reported that her husband died two years ago only one year after he was told he was cancer-free by doctors at Boston Medical Center. She had been very sad and was trying to occupy all her time with hard work. Her boys all graduated from high school and she lost all interest to cook in her home. She would eat a handful of almonds or cashew with some fruit as her daily dinner for 2 years. Her acupuncturist examined her hand joints which were swollen and red and asked her to stop eating all nuts and seeds, instead, she strongly suggested to eat regular dinners that should include vegetables, olive oil, and vinegar. In the meantime, Mary started acupuncture treatment twice a week to reduce the inflammation and balance her immune function. After 3 months of acupuncture treatments, she cut down the acupuncture visit to every other week, her hand joints’ swelling and the pain went away. Her lower back pain and sciatica were completely gone. She now has the energy and interest to cook her own healthy dinner.

Since she is still young and does not have the daily responsibility of taking care of her three children, she decided, with a loan from a Wellesley bank to open her own bakery in Newton Center near Boston College. Currently, she comes to Boston Acupuncture Clinic to reduce stress and muscle tension every other week. Her acupuncturist told her that her new business will do well in 2018 because of her good health and positive attitude.