Low Testosterone and Impotence MC

Mr. Levy was born in Boston and went to Boston University when he was 18 years old. He was a wild young man, who made a young lady pregnant after he visited a bar in downtown Boston; the first time he was allowed to drink. He was raised in a very responsible family in Wellesley and determined to be responsible for his son. He sent money to his girlfriend to provide child support when he served in the army in West Palm Beach in Florida. He used to have a very strong sexual drive before he reached 45 years of age. He bragged that he could have intercourse 4 times per day between age of 18 and 35 years of age. Of course, he loved to drink alcohol and eat his sweets. By the time he reached his forties, his testosterone had dropped to 300 and his sexual drive plunged. He had severe knee pain and jaw pain due to arthritis. His brain had matured in his forties and he found a very attractive responsible girl friend in Needham. He was surprised that his erection was not sufficient even though he found himself with a beautiful woman that he really loved. That is one of the reasons he came to Boston Chinese Acupuncture in Needham to seek acupuncture treatment.

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The Boston Chinese Acupuncturist in Needham first went through his diet and life style to figure out why he had low testosterone and impotence. He had gained more than 30 lbs during the last 20 years. With the fat accumulating in his belly, his testosterone gradually dropped because the fat mainly stores estrogen, which is why a man with a big belly tends to develop impotence or erectile dysfunction. He also drank beer and wine daily when he arrived home in Dedham. The alcohol drove his estrogen level up and testosterone level down, even more because his liver could not deactivate his estrogen. Furthermore, his high stress job made his testosterone go down even more. His acupuncturist in Needham recommended exercise right away to build strong muscles and higher levels of testosterone. He cut down the alcohol and sweets. In the meantime, he started drinking green juice taking acupuncture treatments for impotence. After 24 electro-acupuncture treatments once or twice a week, this former army man lost 15lbs, his knee pain went away and he can now have intercourse more than 3 times a week. He is so happy that his endurance is increasing, making his future wife very happy.