How to use Acupuncture and Herbs to Prevent Chronic Cough and Asthma

Chronic coughing can damage the walls of the bronchi part of the lungs. When people have a cold or the flu, they develop inflammation and/or infections in their lungs or bronchi, and resultingly, a lot of mucus is produced in the bronchi. If this mucus cannot be cleared up within a few weeks, the chronic coughing will damage the lining of bronchi and eventually, this will lead to the damaging of the cartilage in the bronchi—causing the collapse of small airways. People with bronchiectasis may suffer from compromised lung function. Once they have an infection, it may become difficult for them to breath, and they can develop anxiety and panic attacks due to lower oxygen levels in their blood. If patients with bronchiectasis develop a persistent violent cough, it can be life-threatening because strong coughing can damage the blood vessels on the walls of airways and lead to severe bleeding.

What can cause chronic coughing?

  1. A cold or the flu
  2. A high salt and high sugar diet
  3. Too much processed food
  4. Spicy food and too much dark chocolate
  5. Alcohol
  6. Nuts
  7. Dehydration—leads to thickened mucus
  8. Certain medication such as lisinopril.
  9. Indigestion—may lead to more mucus production

How can chronic coughing be prevented?

1. Get Chinese Herbs to help your body stop coughing and clear up the phlegm as quickly as possible. You can start taking Chinese Herbs when you first have cold symptoms. If you have to take antibiotics, taking herbs can help you protect your gut lining and clear up the mucus, so the coughing will stop within a week or two.

2. Avoid spicy food, nuts, alcohol, and sweets—even dark chocolate—when you have phlegm in your airways. When you stop coughing, reintroduce these foods slowly and see how much your body can process without producing too much phlegm.

3. If you are under stress, combining acupuncture and meditation can reduce it, enabling your immune function to become strengthened.

4. Eating more oranges, watermelon, and pears can help clear up phlegm. If you have diabetes, a small amount of fruit will not make your blood sugar spike significantly.

5. Soaking orange peels in hot water and drinking the water can help clear up phlegm.

6. Taking the herbs Mai Dong and Pang Da Hai can help moisturize your throat.