Dr. Zheng Appointed Adjunct Faculty at MCPHS/ NESA

After a hiatus from teaching for several years, Dr. Li Zheng has been appointed Adjunct Faculty at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences University (MCPHS) after its merger with the New England School of Acupuncture (NESA) where she was previously an assistant professor.

In this summer semester, Dr. Zheng is teaching an herbal pharmacology class. Already, she has taught lessons on using Chinese herbs to treat allergies, multiple sclerosis, and depression. Although Dr. Zheng spends the majority of her time in private practice, she finds teaching to be extremely enjoyable both because of the passion of her students and the opportunity it gives her to delve more deeply into the most current research about acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Don’t be surprised if some of the new knowledge she learns from teaching winds up in conversations with patients!