Benefits of Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Finding it difficult to shed those extra pounds? Many people resort to fad diets to loose weight quickly. However, many research show electrical acupuncture can increase metabolism and help people loose weight in a healthier way. When people use acupuncture to reduce the stress, they found out they have less craving for sweets. They become happier with less food intake.

Time Honored Tradition

Acupuncture belongs to ancient Chinese medicine system that has proven its effectiveness in treating a wide range of health conditions such as pain, allergies, autoimmune diseases, glaucoma, macular degeneration and infertility. It is based on the fundamental belief that a person is healthy as long as ‘qi’ or life energy flows freely through a network of channels throughout the body. Any blockages in this flow manifests as illnesses and health issues.

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How it Works

During the acupuncture treatment, acupuncturists insert very fine needles at specific points of the body to strengthen different organ function and clear any energy flow blockage. In case of acupuncture and weight loss, practitioners target the mouth, spleen, stomach, thyroid, ears and endocrine glands. The mechanism is to regulate hormones, suppress appetite, enhance the metabolism and help better absorption of nutrients. When a person is stressed or anxious, he or she may resort to overeating junk food. Acupuncture can be used to trigger the release and production of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine that help in reducing stress, thus taking way the need to overeat.

Acupuncture in Boston and Needham

A growing number of Boston residents are realizing that acupuncture is an effective, safe and convenient way to lose weight. However, it should be remembered that it works gradually and should be used to supplement a healthy lifestyle. An individual may require one to three sessions per week and results can be seen after 6 to 12 treatments. A session may last for thirty to forty five minutes during which the acupuncturist will place very fine stainless steel needles at specific points of your body. The process is mostly painless; however you may experience some numbness and tingling.

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Get Treated By Experts

It’s always best to go to a certified and experienced acupuncture practitioner for effective and safe treatment. If you are in need of acupuncture in Boston and Needham, you may visit the Boston Chinese Acupuncture Clinic that is headed by the qualified acupuncturist Dr. Changhong Zhou who underwent training at the world renowned Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. With decades of experience and professional qualifications, Boston Chinese Acupuncturist offer top rated acupuncture services at their newly renovated clinic in Needham, MA. Apart from its acupuncture treatment for weight loss, infertility, allergies, pain, macular degeneration and autoimmune diseases, the Boston Chinese acupuncture Clinic is widely recognized for its services related to herbal medicines, cupping and acupressure.

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Summary: Inserting very fine acupuncture needles at specific points on the body leads to increased metabolism, improved nutrient absorption and makes a person feel more satiated with less food, thereby aiding weight loss.