Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

IBS is caused an inflammation of your colon. Medication helps reduce the inflammation, but if you cannot find the reason that causes the inflammation, eventually the medication will stop working, and you need to increase your dosage.

We need to use acupuncture and herbs to improve your digestion first, so that you can digest food properly. Even if you can eat a perfect diet, if your digestive function is not in good shape, the food will become toxins. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can improve your digestive function and reduce the inflammation in your stomach and colon by bringing the energy to the right place. Acupuncture can quickly reduce stress to enhance your digestive function. Stress can make your stomach and colon spasm, so your stomach and colon will not move regularly. Instead, they will quickly push the food down and discharge them. When food is not digested well, the protein and oil become toxic and cause the inflammation of the stomach and colon. Acupuncture can regulate the peristalsis of the colon and stomach, and Chinese herbs can help the stomach produce the right amount of enzyme and acid so the food can be absorbed properly.

When protein is not digested well, the bigger molecules can trigger an immune reaction, leading to allergies, hypothyroid problems, lupus, arthritis, neuropathy and dementia. That is why when people take anti-acid medication for a long time, they can develop panic attacks, neuropathy, anemia, and depression. The indigestion can cause insufficiency of B12, B6 and minerals, which are very critical for healthy nervous system function. You can also have insufficient cortisol and thyroid hormones, which can also lead to inflammation, allergies and hypothyroid condition. Some people do not eat sufficient vegetables and fruits. Their thyroid hormones can drop very low, and they have no energy to work. Furthermore, their testosterone can drop very low, and they lose muscles and develop impotence and depression. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs will help your stomach and colon to absorb food more efficiently, so you can have balanced nervous system and immune function.