Latest Case Study – Acupuncture, Depression and Anxiety

Dr. Liu had been working in China as a scientist for over 40 years. He retired in 1993 and came to Boston to visit his children. He used to be in charge of 40 people working on many scientific projects before he retired. Once he stopped working, he lost his daily routine and started eating a lot of milk chocolate and cookies after he came to Boston. He used to eat a lot of fruit when he was young and played many kinds of spots while he was studying in Beijing. After he retired, he stopped his intense exercise and started watching TV and using a computer before he went to sleep. He gradually developed insomnia. The lack of sleep and Vitamins and minerals made his nervous system out of balance. By the time he came to Boston to take care of his grandchildren, he was no longer a calm and happy father. He developed anxiety, severe insomnia, depression, and panic attack. He almost left his granddaughter and son in the subway in Boston for a few times because of his panic attack. Once the oxygen level dropped to a certain level in the subway or on the airplane, his nervous system became hyperactive and he could not think logically. He could not take MRI or CT scan because of his hyperactive nervous system. Finally, he decided to come to Boston Chinese Acupuncture clinic and got acupuncture treatment for anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

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His Boston Chinese acupuncturist told him that he needs to eat more fruit and vegetables so he can have a balanced nervous system. By the time he came to Boston, he lost most of her teeth, he could not chew the fruit thoroughly. His acupuncturist suggested him use Vitamax to make the vegetable juice. He started juicing every day and has acupuncture twice a week for 5 weeks, then once a week for another 10 weeks. After 4 months of regular acupuncture treatment, he is able to ride the subway happily with his grandchildren and he also got rid of his panic attack, anxiety, and insomnia. Now he is helping other retired people to live a happy and healthier life in the senior centers in Wellesley, Dover, Boston, West Wood, Dedham, and Needham.

Latest Case Study - Acupuncture, Depression and Anxiety
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Latest Case Study - Acupuncture, Depression and Anxiety
Boston Chinese Acupuncture
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