How Acupuncture and Herbs can help you Prevent AF, High Cholesterol and other Heart Problems

Li Zheng just published an article on how to use Chinese herbs rebuild the healthy blood vessels in www. When people get oder, their parasympathetic nervous system becomes weaker.  Older people tend to develop AF, premature ventricular contraction (PVC), acid reflux, insomnia and heart attack. Furthermore, their growth hormone level goes down, the degeneration of the blood vessels and high cholesterol tend to create blockage in the coronary arteries, carotid arteries and retina, especially when they have diabetes, inflammation, high cholesterol or even just have glucose intolerance. Using Chinese herbs, we can help body to rebuild the healthy blood vessels to avoid stroke, AF, PVC and heart attack. In this article, famous Chinese herbalist, Dr. Guo, Wei Qin explains how Chinese herbs can help rebuild healthy blood vessel lining, strengthen the parasympathetic nervous system and improve the function of digestive system even after open heart surgery, so we can prevent AF, heart attack, acid reflux, insomnia and PVC when we reach 90’s. Please read this article: