High Blood Pressure

Li Zheng, Boston Acupuncturist recently published an article: acupuncture and high blood pressure in a very prestigious website: http://ezinearticles.com/. Li Zheng has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbs for 27 years, she treated hundreds of people with high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, stroke, back pain and other conditions. She noticed that more and more young people in America developed high blood pressure. It is very common for Americans to take high blood pressure as their daily routine. High dosage of blood pressure medication can lead to insufficient blood flow to people’s eye, brain, kidney, and heart, especially when people do not have time to monitor their blood pressure. Low blood pressure induced by high dosage of medications can lead to dizziness, stroke, kidney dysfunction, heart problem and macular degeneration.

Furthermore, the majority of the high blood pressure medication can lead to erectile dysfunction even a man has a normal level of testosterone. Erectile dysfunction can cause depression and low self-esteem. Boston Chinese Acupuncturists: li zheng and Changhong Zhou combine acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese herbs and lifestyle changes to optimize your blood pressure so you will not develop eye problems, dementia, depression, insomnia, and erectile dysfunction with a natural way to optimize your blood pressure. Please visit our website: www.bostonchineseacupucnture.org  to see how we can optimize your blood pressure naturally with herbal tea, healthy diet and acupuncture.