Female Fertility Acupuncture in Boston

March 12, 2018- Acupuncture-assisted In-vitro Fertilization

A growing body of research studies performed within the US and abroad suggest that the use of acupuncture in in-vitro fertilization procedures increases LB (live-birth) rates. A panel of western doctors administered acupuncture to women undergoing embryo transfer and found that 40% of procedures ended in LB, compared with 29% of those women who did not receive acupuncture during embryo transfer. (Westergard, Mao, et. al. Fertility and Sterility. Volume 85, Issue 5) Another similar study performed in Australia found LB rates of 60% after acupuncture, compared to 45% without acupuncture. (Johnson. Acupuncture in Medicine. 2006;24(1):23-28.) These new findings have attracted substantial attention from the western medical world, and the body of literature on the subject expands with every coming year. The use of acupuncture in IVF procedures could vastly reduce costs and increase success rates in a notoriously complicated and expensive sector of the medical field.