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May 3, 2024 / News

Acupuncture for Facial Paralysis: How it Can Help

Struggling with facial paralysis due to Bell's Palsy or another condition? Acupuncture might be a natural way to support your...
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April 29, 2024 / News

Acupuncture & Herbs: Can They REALLY Cure Your Allergies & Sinusitis?

Acupuncture help treat the root cause of sinusitis and allergies by reducing the inflammation and balancing the immune system. Please...
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April 26, 2024 / News

How can Acupuncture help Sinusitis and Nasal Congestion?

How can acupuncture help nasal congestion and sinusitis to reduce inflammation and anxiety levels? Please watch the full video here-...
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April 19, 2024 / News

How can Acupuncture help Depression, Anxiety and PTSD

How acupuncture can rewire the brain and help the brain produce more relaxing hormones; such as serotonin, endorphin, and GABA,...
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April 15, 2024 / News

How can Herbs help Clear up the Phlegm to Prevent Nasal Congestion

Are you tired of dealing with persistent phlegm that just won't go away? Excessive phlegm can not only be uncomfortable...
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April 1, 2024 / News

How can Acupuncture and Herbs help Depression

In this informative video, we are discussing using acupuncture and herbal remedies to manage and alleviate symptoms of depression. Our...
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March 29, 2024 / News

How can Acupuncture help UTI and Cystitis

Please watch this video to know how acupuncture can help UTI and Cystitis
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March 20, 2024 / News

Why Acid Reflux can be Linked with Anxiety and Allergies

Acid reflux, commonly known as heartburn, occurs when stomach acid flows back into the esophagus, causing discomfort and irritation. Interestingly,...
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March 18, 2024 / News

Acupuncture and Herbs: Healthier Way to Lose Weight

Healthy Way to Lose Weight with Acupuncture and Herbs. Please read the full article here-
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March 6, 2024 / News

Avoid Shoulder Pain and Frozen Shoulder with Acupuncture

How can we avoid shoulder pain and frozen shoulder. Please watch this video -
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