High FSH

Acupuncture can improve ovarian function

If your follicular stimulating hormone level is above 25, you may start menopause prematurely. But FSH can fluctuate significantly between ages of 30 to 45, before menopause. In one cycle, FSH can be 13, in next it could be 7. So if your FSH is slightly high, you should not be disappointed. You should try every single method to improve your ovarian function, so that your pituitary and hypothalamus will not work too hard to stimulate your ovaries with high FSH. When estradiol is high due to an artificial hormone intake or estrogen dominence, FSH could be lower. Even if you have quite low FSH, if other hormones are out of balance, it is still very difficult to get pregnant. Another hormone called inhibin B, produced by good follicles can also be used to predict the ovarian reserve. A lower inhibin B level may indicate poor prognosis of IVF. The following is a good example that you can improve your ovarian function to lower your FSH.