Is Acupuncture Effective in Treating Yeast Infections?

What is Yeast Infection?

Have you ever had some form of itching, irritation, and/or discharge in your vaginal area? If so, this was most likely caused by a fungal infection called vaginal candidiasis. Also known as a yeast infection, most women develop them at some point in their lives. However, yeast infections are not limited to the vaginal area- the yeast responsible for them can also overgrow in the digestive system, such as in the mouth or the intestinal area.

What causes a yeast infection?

Yeast infections are caused by the overgrowth of a common fungus called candida albicans. This organism is present in small quantities in our bodies. Alterations to the body environment that may be caused by hormonal changes, taking antibiotics for too long or certain kinds of food (such as sugary foods), or even wearing tight-fitting clothes can cause them to grow and multiply out of control. Young children, the elderly, and those with weaker immune systems are more prone to develop a yeast infection.

Symptoms associated with yeast infections

Depending on whether a person has a mild or a more severe infection, the symptoms can vary. A vaginal infection is generally associated with an itching, burning sensation during urination or intercourse, as well as a discharge with the appearance of thick, white cottage cheese. Common symptoms for a mouth infection are soreness in the mouth and whitish patches on the tongue. If it appears in the GI tract, common symptoms are to have bloating, gas, and sluggish bowel movements.

How can acupuncture help treat yeast infections?

There is a direct connection between a weakened immune system and developing candidiasis. Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine which is known to boost the immune system naturally and reduce pain and stress in the body. It balances the flow of energy in the body which contributes to the overall improvement in the health of an individual. By increasing body immunity, it can help combat and prevent viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. Acupuncture can also help to reduce stress hormones, which improves digestion and reduces cravings for sweets. In addition, acupuncture can complement the effects of the medication prescribed for yeast infections by helping the liver and kidney discharge all the toxins released by the dead yeast. Acupuncture treatments themselves are drug-free and do not have any additional side effects.

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How Chinese herbs can help yeast infections?

Chinese herbs can improve your digestion so the immune system will be more balanced, which will help to control the overgrowing of the yeast. Chinese herbs can also help improve your digestion, so you have less bloating and indigestion.

Research supporting the effects of acupuncture on yeast infections

A clinical observation was carried out by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to assess how effective acupuncture can be in treating yeast infections. The results showed that 69% of the participants showed significant improvement in a yeast infection, as well as in other gynecological problems such as menstrual irregularities, after three months of acupuncture treatments. Another clinical study undertaken by the University of Bergen revealed that 75% of the women who participated in the study greatly benefited from acupuncture sessions, providing strong evidence to support the effects of acupuncture in fighting yeast infections. References: