13 Ways to Improve Sperm Count and Quality

Normal motility will make sperm wriggle and swim the last inches in order to reach and penetrate the eggs. In order to father a child easily, more than 40 percent of the sperm should have normal motility. If the male was told his sperm count, morphology or motility is abnormal, he should not be frustrated. New sperm are produced every two days. Unless the male has some structural problems such as varicose veins on his scrotum, or his testicles are not functioning at all, he can produce healthy sperm within a short period of time as long as he is willing to change some bad habits and start eating healthy food.

What you can do to improve your sperm quality and avoid ED?

  1. Maintaining your normal weight. Too much fat will lower your testosterone level and thus sperm quality. Because cholesterol is a building block of testosterone, if you are taking a statin drug to lower cholesterol, you may develop low testosterone or ED.
  2. Regularly exercising can improve sperm quality, but overexertion or exhaustion can compromise the sperm quality with increased physical stress and higher levels of cortisol.
  3. Reducing your stress level can optimize your testosterone level. If men practice yoga, Tai chi, or meditation three times a week, they reduce cortisol and increase testosterone levels.
  4. Avoiding too many sweets or spicy food will keep your at a neutral pH, from 7.2 to 7.8. If it is too acidic, the sperm can be deformed, or there may be inflammation in the prostate because the prostate gland produces acidic fluids while the seminal gland produces slightly alkaline fluids. These two fluids are the main part of semen. Sufficient fruits and vegetables can optimize the pH level and create a healthy environment for normal sperm.
  5. Drinking plenty of water. If a man is constantly dehydrated, his semen will become very thick, and the sperm cannot swim fast enough through the thickened fluid to reach the eggs in time for fertilization. Remember, eggs can only survive for 1 to 2 days, while sperm can stay alive for more than five days if a man is healthy.
  6. Avoiding anti-histamine medications. These medications will decrease the secretions from many glands, including the prostate and seminal gland, thus also causing the semen to become very thick.
  7. Avoiding alcohol. It can also dry up your semen. In the past, we had less environmental pollution and less stress; your grandfather may have been able to drink a small amount of alcohol and still have healthy sperm. With all the environmental and social changes, men have to cut down on their alcohol intake to save their sperm, optimize their testosterone level and prevent ED.
  8. Wearing loose underwear to keep the temperature low around the testicles because sperm temperature needs to be one to two degrees cooler than normal body temperature, which is only achieved when the testicles are not held too close to the body by tight clothing.
  9. Riding a race bike may put too much pressure on your testicles. You may have a better body shape with intense bike riding, but you may not have the best quality of sperm.
  10. Taking multivitamins to provide the antioxidant protection needed as well as trace minerals such as selenium and zinc, which are vital for healthy sperm.
  11. Consuming animal protein. If you want to have plenty of healthy sperm, going on a vegan diet is not a good idea. Young men need animal protein to produce sufficient testosterone. Some men have to use testosterone cream to bring up their blood testosterone level, which can influence their female partner’s fertility if they are in the same house.
  12. Trying acupuncture twice a week can quickly improve your sperm quality without any side effects. You may find out that your sexual drive and erection time can be increased with acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture has been proven as one of the effective treatments to improve sperm quality. A study done by J. Per et al. in Germany in 2005 showed that acupuncture twice a week for five weeks increased the total number of sperm and the percentage of normal sperm in males who had infertility for unknown reasons but very likely associated with stress. In another study, done by S. Siterman et al. and published in Archeology Andrology in 1997, 16 men with fertility problems were treated twice a week for five weeks. Semen samples were analyzed before and one month after treatment. Compared to normal controls, total functional sperm percentage, percentage of viability, and total motile sperm number per ejaculate in the infertility group were significantly higher after acupuncture treatment. The integrity of the sperm tail was also improved. The normal structures of sperm tails and the motility of sperm were highly correlated.
  13. Keeping your immune function in perfect balance so your body will not produce antibodies to attack the sperm. If you have problems with sperm quality for unknown reasons, you need to stop eating nuts, spicy food, and sweets including dark chocolate and ice cream.