Pituitary Gland and Low Testosterone

Electrical acupuncture can help raise testosterone level and enhance brain function

Mr. Lee was born in Boston and studied at Boston College with an engineering degree. Mr. Lee had been a much-energized person since his childhood. He was always optimistic about life and work. After graduation, he soon found a job in downtown Boston. He used to manage many projects. He feels more energized and stimulated when the project is more challenging. He has a hard time to do one boring stuff and was diagnosed as ADHD since the early twenties. He refused to take medications, instead, he would run 6 miles every other day and swam for an hour the rest of the week. Intense exercises always help him focus more on boring work. He was promoted in his company and married a lovely young woman in Wellesley. Soon they moved to California because his wife found a better job in California.

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A few years after Mr. Lee left Boston, he suddenly developed difficulty to breath, his lung was swollen and his brain was not as sharp as before. He also developed erectile dysfunction. His testosterone level dropped to below 200 and he lost muscles quickly. He could not work as the head of an engineer in California. He needed support from his parents in Boston and clear diagnoses from specialists. He visited many physicians in Boston and was diagnosed as pituitary insufficiency because he was exposed to mode for too long in his house when he was in California. The allergic reaction leads to water accumulation in his lung and toxic encephalopathy. The inflammation of his brain compromised pituitary gland function, which is supposed to produce stimulating hormones to the testicles and adrenal gland. With a very low testosterone level, Mr. Lee developed brain fog, fatigue, and ED. Even though he was out of work for a few months, he was never depressed.

In order to keep his muscle tone and erectile function, his physician started giving him testosterone injection every week hoping he can gain back his muscles and get rid of ED. After he had had testosterone injection once a week for a few weeks, his blood became very thick. Because he has had high blood pressure for many years, his doctor was afraid he could develop a stroke. He had to cut down the testosterone injection to every 4 weeks. The artificial testosterone makes his ADHD even worse, he had a hard time to focus on one project, and his brain will jump from one subject to another. He cut down the testosterone injection to every 12 weeks. He also tried Viagra, which made his erection abnormally too strong and damaged his penis. His penis formed curvature when he had an erection. Finally, his lovely wife recommends him to take an herb called citrulline to help his ED. Combing citrulline and testosterone injection, he was able to have normal intercourse once or twice a week. By the end of 12 weeks. He felt very tired and had a hard time to maintain his normal workflow.

When he came to Boston Chinese Acupuncture, he was planning to have testosterone injection after two weeks. His energy level was low and he gained weight. His erection was not as strong as before. Mr. Lee would like to try acupuncture to improve his testicle and pituitary function. Boston Chinese Acupuncturist applied electrical acupuncture stimulation on certain points on his scalp and abdominal areas, hoping the acupuncture can bring more blood flow to his pituitary and testes so he can produce more testosterone himself.

After 4 acupuncture treatments, Mr. Lee gained so much energy that he can manage so many projects at the same time as he did before he was sick. At the meantime, he gained stronger and longer erection even after he stopped taking citraline for a few days. His penis has less curvature compared to before acupuncture treatment. He increased his exercise level and started losing weight. He postpones his testosterone injection for another 2 weeks. If he continues acupuncture treatment for a few months, he may be able to enhance his pituitary and testicle function for an even longer time. He may be able to cut down his testosterone injection to every 16 or 20 weeks, which reduces his risk of developing stroke and prostate cancer.

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